Finally Got The Guerlain Electric Pearl Meteorites!

After a long hiatus from enjoying this product line, it’s been an interesting journey re-discovering the Guerlain Meteorites. I’m also quite happy to be able to do this video because the Meteorites for Summer and Holiday 2020 did not arrive in the Philippines because of shipping issues due to the pandemic. Hence the joy i felt, when I received the Electric Pearl Meteorites. I think an online search will soon commence for the 2020 collection.

The Electric Pearl Meteorites  is quite special and I think, is a collectable to those who love this makeup line. I searched high and low for this particular meteorites. As I said on the video, I got wind of this late in 2019 – so the possibility of having this in my collection was bleak. Finding this at was a joy. The remarkable thing about this purchase is that, I got this at a discounted price. Strawberrynet is quite gracious with their discounts and offers – which I appreciate.

So here’s my video about the Guerlian Electric Pearl Meteorites plus comparisons to the Dore and to the Terracotta Summer Stones Meteorites.

I’m sure, just like any other Guerlain Meteorites lover, I was very surprised when I did not see a sponge or a puff on the Electric Pearl Meteorites. My best guess is that, they were trying not to increase the retail value of this particular meteorites. The price of the Electric Pearl Meteorites is roughly the same to the 2019 Guerlain Meteorites Holiday Collection; which had a sponge.

I purposely did not include the 2019 Holiday Collection, the Goldenland Meteorites, during the comparison process because this particular meteorite had a red undertone to it and for this video – I wanted to talk in particular about finding meteorites that gave off a bronze effect.

By the way, please do not use expired makeup. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. I do have to say, that I developed a blemish on my right temple where I used the Terracotta Summer Stones meteorites. So, take heed. 🙂 The Terracotta Summer Stones Meteorites was released in 2012.

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