Sephora Collection Eye Masks

This was actually an “impulse” purchase. I have just finished uploading my blog about Skinlite Facial Masks when I started perusing through WWW.SEPHORA.PH. Skin care products were on my mind. I was going through the Sephora Collection page when I saw color. I was seeing pinks, greens, purples, yellows, blues, lavenders.

You see, I get attracted to colors. You should see my t-shirts from Uniqlo.

I had to click on them.

It was the Sephora Collection Eye Mask – Mono collection.

Left to right: Ginseng, Rose, Orchid, and Marine Algae.
Left to right: Ginseng, Rose, Orchid, and Marine Algae.

This came at an opportune time because I ran out of eye masks recently. I have recently discovered that the eye masks of the brand that I have been using for the past two years has been discontinued.  There’s this  Korean brand I have been looking into but, it’s too expensive a purchase. I needed a product that was effective, reliable, easily available and cost efficient.

The Sephora Collection Eye Mask – Mono, as the are called, are sold by piece. They retail for Php 101 ($2.15). Here are the ten different “flavors” of Sephora Collection Eye Mask – Mono and their suggested selling points:

*is a tall grain bearing topical plant. Read the Wikipedia entry here to know more.

Since these are singles, I wanted to buy them all to try them out. But Job’s Tears, Pearl, Pomegranate, Avocado, Green Tea and Lotus were sold out.

After adding the available products to my cart, I continued perusing through the site and stumbled upon their Sephora Collection Eye Mask – 5 piece. This retails for Php 402 ($8.55). It’s quite a bargain. Five pieces for the price of four.

Sephora Collection Eye Mask - 5 Piece

Green Tea Eye Mask

The Sephora Collection Green Tea Eye Mask – 5 piece was available and I decided to purchase it. Just like the Sephora Collection Eye Mask – Mono , the Sephora Collection Eye Mask – 5 piece comes in 10 “flavors”. Again, I wanted to buy them all, but money does not grow on trees. I decided to review my cart and purchase only the products that I know I will need based on the working conditions I usually experience and on the different skin types of my private clients (most of them).

The reason why I decided to purchase the Sephora Collection Green Tea Eye Mask – 5 piece is because green tea is a known anti-oxidant with  anti-inflammatory properties. This will help calm down the nerves around the eyes and lessen the appearance of puffy under eyes. I chose Orchid, for that woman of a certain age, Marine Algae for that very dry skinned model, Rose for those who have dark under eye issues, and Ginseng for those with tired under eyes.

The Sephora Collection Eye Mask – 5 piece comes in a plastic case which I like. I’m a stickler for recycling things and I’m already thinking of many useful ways to reuse it.


The mesh that hold the pads.

I decided to test out the Sephora Collection Rose Eye Mask. This past week, I have been swamped with work while fighting of a minor infection. Aside from waking up early to get to work, I have been waking up at odd hours to take my meds. I needed some “brightening”.

Tearing the packaging is relatively easy. Once opened a faint scent of rose is apparent. The two eye pads were “very wet” when I took them out. There is a thin protective film holds the eye pad; retaining it’s shape. I’m not sure if it’s made of mesh or plastic.

Under Eye Pads
The half-moon masks as described on the packaging.

I had a little bit of trouble trying to figure out how to place the pads under my eyes. After a few twists and turns, the half-moon masks fell rightfully into place. The sheet starts off close to the inner corner of the eyes and goes all the way to the temples. Creating some sort of lift. Before throwing the packaging, I peeked inside the packaging and saw that there was a generous amount of the gel substance left. I scooped it out with my fingers and patted them unto the pads.

Upon contact, I did not feel any itching. My eyes did not feel irritated. It felt quite cool and minty. Unlike some eye pads out there that “sting” your eyes.   I decided to space out for a few minutes. I was becoming quite relaxed.

20 minutes later I removed the pads, there were no signs of redness or irritation. My under eyes felt firm and looked less puffy. The eye pads has also left it intensely moisturized, making me look less tired; brighter. I believe this eye mask has light reflecting properties which you’ll notice once the gel like substance dries. I noticed a certain “luminosity” on my under eye area.

I went to bed.

The effects are still apparent after a good night’s sleep. After waking up, I can still feel a tautness on my under eye area and the radiance is still there. The most important thing is that there was no redness, no itching; no signs of an allergic reaction.


These eye masks are a great partner in your skin care routine, especially before you put your makeup on. It will help you relax. Make sure to keep then in your fridge. Before using them for the first time, make sure it has been “refrigerated” over night. The cold will help de-puff any swelling.

If you have the budget, this is great to do two – three times a week. If not, “as needed” will be fine. But do take note that this will not take the place of an under eye cream/treatment.


Unfortunately, I cannot give you the complete ingredients list because it’s in Chinese.

As stated in the packaging, these eye masks are made in China using imported ingredients from Taiwan (Ginseng, Rose), France(Orchid), Germany(Marine Algae) and Spain(Green Tea).

However, the scientific names of some ingredients are shown in English.

After checking out the Sephora US site I’ve noticed that the package design of the eye masks are quite different. Because of this and the instructions + ingredients list are written in Chinese on the packaging, I have come to the conclusion that these “Made in China” Spehora Collection Eye Masks are sold on the Asian Sephora websites only.


WWW.SEPHORA.PH is an online store based in Singapore. Delivery is between 2 to 10 WORKING DAYS. They have a Php 1300 minimum spending requirement to avail of free delivery. Products bought on this site will be delivered straight to your door step. The tax/import duties are already part of your purchase.

To reach the minimum spending requirement to avail of free delivery service, with this purchase, I bought the Sephora Collection Therapy Masks in Ginseng and Lotus. To know about my experience with those products, read here

This online store is very reliable. Delivers on time. This is my second purchase with them.


Sephora has a specific webpage dedicated to specific countries in America, Europe, Oceania and Asia. All you have to do is to register according to your location.  It’s important that you do so because some products are available for delivery on the Singapore site but it’s not available on the Hong Kong or Malaysia site.  Click here to know which Sephora International website you can register through.

Always read the fine print, terms of delivery and payment methods before purchasing anything! Be an informed consumer.




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