Sephora Collection Therapy Mask

Sephora Collection Therapy Mask
Ginseng Therapy Mask

As I posted on my recent blog entry (Sephora Collection Eye Mask), I purchased the Sephora Collection Therapy Mask to avail of  free delivery by reaching the Php 1300 minimum spending requirement.

I bought the Sephora Collection Ginseng Therapy Mask – 5 Piece and the Sephora Collection Lotus Therapy Mask – 5 Piece out of curiosity. They retail for Php 536 ($11.40).

The 5 piece facial masks comes in a colored circular plastic packaging which I plan to re-use in the future. I think it would be great for storing puffs and sponges. They actually remind me of those colorful CD cases from the 90’s.

These are made in China. Sephora Collection Ginseng Therapy Mask – 5 Piece  are made with ingredients imported from Taiwan and the Sephora Collection Lotus Therapy Mask – 5 Piece are made with ingredients imported from France.

I wanted to buy more, but most of what I wanted to purchase were out of stock.

Sephora Collection Lotus Theraphy MAsk
Sephora Collection Lotus Therapy Mask

Again they come in 10 “flavors” just like the Sephora Collection Eye Mask. Namely:

*is a tall grain bearing topical plant. Read the Wikipedia entry here to know more.

Choose any of these products that would suit your skin type and needs.

These facial masks comes in singles too and retails for Php 134 ($2.85). Check out this Sephora Collection Pomegranate Therapy Mask.


Tor on the couchI decided to try the Sephora Collection Lotus Therapy Mask because of it’s promised benefits : hydrating and soothing. Let me say that before I used this, I left it inside my fridge to cool overnight.

Tearing the packaging is relatively easy. The sheet has a faint delicate scent that I love.The kind of scent I only smell on babies.

Once I removed the facial mask from the packaging, it was dripping wet. It is heavily soaked with product.When I unfolded the sheet, I thought it was too big. But as soon as I started layering it on my face, I have come to realize that it fits my face. I poured what was left of the product unto my palm and started adding it to the face mask with a tapping motion using my fingers.

There was no itching upon initial contact.The coolness of the facial mask helped me relax. I decided to lay down on the couch and dozed off.

25 minutes later, I removed the sheet and realized it was still soaked with product. After folding the sheet, I rubbed it all over ears, jaw area, my neck, all the way down to my chest, on my elbows, on my knees and on other dry spots of my body.

Never waste products. Always try to use everything for all it’s worth.

My skin felt plump. The wrinkles around my eye area are less visible because of the hydrating properties of the mask. My skin looked relaxed and radiant. There was no sign of redness. I had no allergic reaction to it.

This is a keeper.


WWW.SEPHORA.PH is an online store based in Singapore. Delivery is between 2 to 10 WORKING DAYS. They have a Php 1300 minimum spending requirement to avail of free delivery. Products bought on this site will be delivered straight to your door step. The tax/import duties are already part of your purchase.

To reach the minimum spending requirement to avail of free delivery service, with this purchase, I bought a number of Sephora Collection Eye Masks. Read my blog about them here.

This online store is very reliable. Delivers on time. This is my second purchase with them.


Sephora has a specific webpage dedicated to specific countries in America, Europe, Oceania and Asia. All you have to do is to register according to your location.  It’s important that you do so because some products are available for delivery on the Singapore site but it’s not available on the Hong Kong or Malaysia site.  Click here to know which Sephora International website you can register through.

Always read the fine print, terms of delivery and payment methods before purchasing anything! Be an informed consumer.


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