Beauty Haul! Restocking My Kit With Faves, Some Freebies and Good Finds

First thing’s first:

If you are from the Philippines and want to purchase Laura Mercier products from their online store go to : and key in “MyMercier2020” to enter. Then you are to create your own profile for a much more easier shopping experience.

If you are interested in NARS cosmetics products go to: and key in “Nars2020” to enter and create your own profile to secure your account.

I think the password might be subject to change without any notice. I will update this blog if I get wind of it.

For the rest of the world, Laura Mercier and Nars Cosmetics has their own promotions, feel free to visit or for more details.

Products mentioned with affiliate links:

Laura Mercier Pure Canvass Primer Blurring:

Laura Mercier Pure Canvass Primer Illuminating:

Laura Mercier Pure Canvass Primer Hydrating:

Laura Mercier Rose Gold Caviar Stick:

Laura Mercier Au Naturel Caviar Stick:

Kisses From The Balcony Collection:

As individual glosses:

Laura Mercier Lip Glace Rose Gold:

Laura Mercier Lip Glace Bare Pink:–lG2oxKS91Pa2_FQg

Laura Mercier Lip Glace Black Cherry:

Laura Mercier Lip Glace Desert Rose:

Laura Mercier Luster Eye Shadow African Violet:

Laura Mercier 3-Well Compact:

Laura Mercier Translucent Pressed Setting Powder:

Laura Mercier Rouge Essentiel L’Orange:

Laura Mercier Velour Extreme Matte Lipstick Fresh:

Nars Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base:

Nars Sharpener:

Nars Orgasm X Blush:

Bobbi Brown Black Ink:

Now let’s do the math.

I was lucky enough to get a discount coupon for the Ballet a Paris Holiday 2020 collection  – I was able to get Php 1000 off per order. The Pure Canvass Primer Triplet originally cost Php 2350, with my coupon it cost me Php 1350. The Kisses From The Balcony Lip Glacé collection retails for Php 2495 and I got it got Php 1495. The Grand Overture Mini Caviar Quartet is priced at Php 1950 and I got it for Php 950 only. The coupon gave me, at most, +-45% off per product. I purchased all three separately and in total, these three sets cost me Php 3795 only.

Now, for the Rosegold and Intense Rosegold Caviar Sticks and  African Violet Lustre Eyeshadow – I bought them full priced at the Rustan’s Department Store. The Caviar Sticks cost Php 1595 each while the eyeshadow cost me Php 1395. The in-store promo was, you to receive a full-sized Translucent Pressed Setting Powder (valued at Php 2150) and a regular sized Rouge Essential L’Orange Creme Lipstick (worth Php 1795) when you spend at least Php 4000 when purchasing Laura Mercier Products. It was quite a steal.

Now for Nars, if you spend at Php 1500 you get a full sized Orgasm X Blush valued at Php 1800. The Smudge Proof Eyebase was Php 1450 and the Nars sharpener was Php 395.

Let me clarify that these promotions are already closed. As I said in the video, do be in the look out for promos by your fave brands during this season because there are a lot of goodies and sales that are being given.

Now for the Black Ink gel eyeliner from Bobbi Brown, I was surprised to find out that they had a price increase. Their gel eyeliner used to cost around the value of Php 1500 – and now that it is at Php 2,050, I might go searching for a cheaper alternative. Bobbi Brown did not have any promotions at the time of purchase.

The eyebrow pens from the Japanese brand K-Palette cost me Php 845 each. The Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray cost Php 595. There were no promotions at The Beauty Bar at the time of purchase.

The White Rain Volumizing Mousse cost Php 199 and the Purederm Collagen Make-up Remover Cleansing Towelettes cost Php 109.  Both are available in Watson’s.

The Hair Drying Glove is available at Japan Home Store for Php 88.

This haul cost me in total Php 15,001 and is valued at Php 23,746.


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The products I am using has worked for me and it might not necessarily work for you. Always be discerning when purchasing cosmetics or skin care products. Always read the label and the literature! Always do a patch test before you purchase a product for the first time to see that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients listed.

This video/post is not sponsored. The products that are shown here are the products that I always use, love and live by.

The videos and pictures were shot using an Iphone 11.


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