False Eyelashes 101: Discussion + Demo

It’s all about false eyelashes on my vlog for today.

As I said in my Eyeliner 101 vlog, with everybody wearing masks, ladies are experimenting with their eye makeup and wearing falsies.

So here’ my take on how to choose false eyelashes, how to attach and care for them. Let me reiterate that all eye shapes are different and we MUST express our own eye look as we please – I hope this video will prove insightful in your eyelash journey.

The Landmark is a department store here in the Philippines located in Makati City. This falsies does not have a brand name and this has recently had a price hike. Don’t worry, it will not punch a hole in your wallet. I blogged about this a few years ago, if you are interested to read it, click https://tortorre.me/2014/12/15/natural-eyelashes-from-the-landmark/. This false eyelash line also comes in a variety of styles.

The lashes from the brand M.O.D.E.L 21 was bought in Vietnam a few years ago. I bought a number of boxes in Ben Thanh Market, Ho Chi Minh City – one box was very affordable and it had ten pairs in them. Luckily, I was able to find their website which sells the style I am showing on my video. I think the website is based in and ships from the US. Do check their site out here, https://www.model21eyelashes.com/

The Pompadour eyelashes in from Kiss New York which I purchased at Watson’s. The black latex glue was given to me via PR.

The individual knot free eyelashes are from the brand called Red Cherry Eyelashes, I bought mine in Suesh in Alabang Town center, check out their website https://suesh.com/collections/red-cherry. If  you live in the US, check out their site at https://redcherrylashes.com/. They have a lot of styles to choose from as well.

The Duo Eyelash Adhesive is available at M.A.C and I think I might have seen some at The Beauty Bar.

Check out my Eyeliner 101 vlog here: https://tortorre.me/2020/08/23/eyeliner-101/


The products I am using has worked for me and it might not necessarily work for you. Always be discerning when purchasing cosmetics or skin care products. Always read the label and the literature! Always do a patch test before you purchase a product for the first time to see that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients listed.

This video/post is not sponsored. The products that are shown here are the products that I always use, love and live by.

The videos and pictures were shot using an Iphone 11.


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