“Natural” False Eyelashes from The Landmark

False Eyelashes


I only understood how coveted having eyelashes were to a woman when I became a make-up artist. There have been countless of times I have been asked by the regular woman, top model or the occasional big time woman celebrity if my eyelashes were real. You see, I have been genetically blessed to have long and curly eyelashes (click here). My eyelashes, time and again, have proven to be ice breakers and great conversation starters.


Usually the mood gets lighter once the “ice” is broken. I start asking the woman I am working with if she has ever worn false eyelashes. That’s when I start gauging what kind of false eyelashes I am going to use on her. Most women are “game” to wear them, while some are a bit apprehensive. The cause for concern about wearing false eyelashes is the comfort level. Usually, the added weigh on the lashes makes it uncomfortable. Sometimes ill fitting false eyelashes or using the wrong eyelash glue also adds to the discomfort and uneasiness. Truthfully though, at the end of the day, it boils down to a woman’s personality and spunk to wear them.


I have a stock of false eyelashes in my kit that I have been using for the past 7 something years of being a professional makeup artist. It has always been the preferred choice of the women I work with. In advertising, most of the jobs I get involves the “no make-up make-up look”; these false eyelashes pass the screen test most of the time.

“Natural” false eyelashes from The Landmark with it’s packaging open.


The false eyelashes from The Landmark comes in varying designs of thickness, length and style. My style of choice is labeled as “Natural”. It is very light and it looks very natural. I don’t mean to carry my on throne, but reason why I chose this kind of false eyelashes is because they look like my very own eyelashes.

10846628_10152906940681661_24953724_nThe “Natural” false eyelashes from The Landmark, is very easy to handle. The band that hold the lashes is quite thin, and the individual lashes are light. They only add very minimal weight to ones natural lashes, making discomfort minimal.

These false eyelashes are designed in such a way that the individual lashes starts off short (to be applied on the inner corner of the eye), gradually increasing in length towards the middle of the band , which then decreases minimally towards the end of the band.

When measuring this kind of false eyelashes, make sure to cut the band from the outer corner. Once you cut from the inner corner of the lash band, you will loose the indicator for which lash goes on for which eye.


I used the “Natural” false eyelashes from The Landmark on a few projects of mine.

I used it for a TVC for Penshoppe, click here to see it.

I used if for a TVC for Pantene (Indonesia Airing), click here to see it.

I used it for a TVC for Carefree, click here to see it.

I used it on Alamela Rowan for a print ad for CARA Welfare Philippines, click here to see it.

I also used it on all Bridal Editorials I had with Metro Weddings, click here to see it.


“Natural” False Eyelashes from the Landmark in it’s packaging.

I highly recommend these lashes to ANYONE.Aside from the things I stated earlier, this is a practical purchase based on the fact that, most false eyelashes worn by women for special occasions end up on the garbage can at the end of the night. The  “Natural” false eyelashes from The Landmark retails for Php 49.50 (US $1.25).

This is good to use for practice. This is also good to use on the bottom lashes for effect.

You can also reuse this, as long as you clean it using a mild makeup remover to remove glue from the band and makeup from the lashes. Don’t throw away the packaging, you can store it there for future use. That way you are still able to keep the lashes in shape.







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