Pure Skin by Victoria Tsai (Not A Book Review)

I bought this book on a whim.

I was browsing through the beauty section of the book store when I got attracted to the colour of the book. It was when I read the line “Discover The Japanese Ritual Of Glowing”  below the book title that sent me straight to the counter.

Before I started reading the book, I found out that the author, Victoria Tsai, was the founder of the skin care brand Tatcha. I have heard of Tatcha. Out of curiosity, I perused through their website and found their packaging very attractive. After seeing the price range, I categorically filed it under “luxe”.

I also found out that Tatcha has their own laboratory. EVERYTHING is made in JAPAN. I instantly became an admirer.

The book is visually entertaining. It is a very light read.


She had a very wonderful statement about ageing. Click on the play button to hear it.

As stated on my Instagram page, “One of the topics that Victoria Tsai discussed (in her book) was MIYAKOFUZOKU KEWAIDEN , a three-volume book about skin care, makeup and the latest fashion in 1800’s Japan. I had an “AHA! Moment” because I wrote a blog a few years back about Japanese skin care and makeup that featured a small snippet about a Japanese beauty manual first written in 1813. Although, the title of the book was not divulged on air, I assumed it was the same book that Vicky discussed briefly in her book ~ after checking the video, it is indeed the same. Can you imagine, this three piece beauty manual, written in the early 1800 is the basis of the skin care brand , Tatcha.”

The Youtube video from a favourite Japanese TV show is linked to that blog post. If you are interested to see a snippet of the book and to get some insights about Japanese Skin Care, visit my blog by clicking here. On another blog entry, I also wrote about Japanese Makeup Culture. The YouTube video from that Japanese TV Show is also linked there. The Miyakofuzoku Kewaiden is shown and discussed in more detail than on the previous post. If you are interested to see it, click here. Do not worry, the show is in English.


I have yet to try this brand. It is not yet available in the country (Philippines). But because of the book, I will be on the look out for it.


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