Miniso Corner Lengthening 3D Lashes

I have been a fan of corner lashes for a long time. Corner lashes are eye lashes that flare out towards the outer portion of the lash band. Think Angelina Jolie's lashes. That's it. I discovered these lashes one day in Miniso a few months back (around end of July) and I have been using … Continue reading Miniso Corner Lengthening 3D Lashes

“Natural” False Eyelashes from The Landmark

  I only understood how coveted having eyelashes were to a woman when I became a make-up artist. There have been countless of times I have been asked by the regular woman, top model or the occasional big time woman celebrity if my eyelashes were real. You see, I have been genetically blessed to have … Continue reading “Natural” False Eyelashes from The Landmark