SAKURA Art Brushes

If you are an avid lover of gel eyeliners or water activated eyeliners who is currently looking for a brush to use, here is a suggestion:

Sakura Art Brushes.

Available at National Book Store.

Costs between P198 to Php226, depending on brush size.

Top: 3/0 Sakura Brush 555 | Middle: 2 Sakura Brush 855 | Bottom: 3 Sakura Brush 555

Of the three brushes shown on the photo on top, the number 2 Sakura Brush (the one in the middle), is what I have been using the longest.

Like, since college.

I initially bought it for an art project but never used until I started being a pageant queen in the local pageant circuit.

I have been using this brush for a little over 10 years now and I have learned to gain control of this brush. I can thin out or thicken or a line depending on the pressure I exert on the bristles.

For the regular woman, I suggest using the number 3/0 or the number 0 Sakura Brush 555. It’s roughly the same size as most eyeliner brushes out in the market today.


The brush heads

The reason why I have varying brush sizes is because there might be times that I would need to create specific details for a certain eyeliner look.

I also use these brushes to create a cut crease or any eye shadow detail as needed. Since this is made out of nylon, I can use whatever type of eye shadow formula. May it be powder based, cream based, water based or even silicone based. These brushes can work with it.


I know you’re still wrapping your head around the fact that I use art brushes for make up. Let me say that I am one of many makeup artists out there who use art brushes for work.

Again, if you are looking for an eyeliner brush to use, try checking out Sakura brushes. It is durable, versatile, easy to maintain and most of all, inexpensive.







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