Coastal Scents: Elite 24 Piece Brush Set and 22 Piece Brush Set

Starting out in the world of Makeup Artistry is expensive. Especially when brushes are involved. I know you want to have the top of the line, popular, and branded brushes to grace your makeup kit, but it’s more practical to invest on a brush set when you are starting out.

Here’s why.

  • A brush set practically solves your problems. You’d have all the necessary tools needed to complete a face.
  • A brush set is a “saner” purchase that buying individual brushes. It saves you money.
  • Eventually, you’ll loose a brush. It will happen. When it does, it won’t weight heavily on your heart.

Over time, once you earn more and decide to “level up”, these brushes become your back up brushes and you can use them as you deem fit. Like maybe for body makeup application or for special effects.


If you are planning to study makeup artistry or currently a budding makeup artist in need of tools, here’s a suggestion.

Coastal Scents is a brand that sells bath and beauty products. It was my best friend Nat, a New York based makeup artist, who introduced me to this brand. They sell a variety of makeup products, makeup tools and other personal care items at very affordable prices. The only catch is, the company is based in the United States. The good news is they ship world-wide and shipping is free anywhere in the continental US for orders above $50. For more shipping info click here.

I purchased an Elite Brush Set from their website and had it shipped to a friend’s home in Chicago who was bound to come home.

The Elite Brush Set
It is a collection of 24 professional cosmetic brushes. As you can see, this set has everything you need. The synthetic brushes are mounted on a bamboo handle which are held together with a black ferrule.  The beige (black optional) foldable brush case is included in the purchase. These type of brushes are best to use with cream or liquid products.

This retails for $99.95 (Php4,500) on their website. Price indicated excludes shipment costs, custom duties and taxes for international buyers. I know it seems quite expensive BUT (for the sake of comparison) one MAC brush can cost, at most, $53 (Php 2350). To read more about this brush set click here to be brought to their website.

I also purchased a 22 piece brush set from Coastal Scents.

22 Piece Brush Set. But I lost one brush…
This brush set is a mix of synthetic and natural bristled brushes with an all black ferrule and handle. Again the foldable brush case comes with the purchase. It costs $59.95 (Php2600). Again, price indicated excludes shipment costs, custom duties and taxes for international buyers.  To be brought to the product listing on their website, click here.

Out of the two brush sets, this would be the most useful because you can use these brushes for cream/liquid products and powder products.


Here’s the good part. Coastal Scents  always goes on sale. ALWAYS. I bought these two products when they were on sale at 50% off. At that time, I was regularly checking out their website ( and Instagram page (Coastal Scents IG) for sale updates. I suggest you do so as well.

Once again if you are searching for tools that are affordable, dependable, and not tested on animals Coastal Scents is for you. Remember, at the end of the day it doesn’t matter how expensive or cheap your brushes are, it’s about how you use them.


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