Bobbi Brown Gel Liner

Bobbi Brown Gel Liner in Black Ink

My favorite black eyeliner to use is the gel eyeliner in Black Ink from Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. This gel liner is extremely long wearing, which is important when you are living in this country (The Philippines).

I love the creamy consistency of this eyeliner. I find it easy to handle and it glides on effortlessly along the lash line. I use this product with my favorite eyeliner brushes  to achieve different eyeliner looks as needed. Click here to read the blog about those brushes. The only catch is that gel liners dry fast. So you have to work with this product as quickly as possible.


This gel eyeliner is extremely black. I use this a lot when I “tight line” the water line on the upper lashes. This gives the eyelashes a fuller look. Since it’s a gel product, it doesn’t smudge easily or breakdown as fast as an eye pencil or liquid eyeliner.

“Tight lining” is a great way of deepening any eyeliner look. I did this in my 50’s makeup look makeup video. Do check it out here to see what I mean.

This is also great as a complementary product when creating a smoky eye. It’s easy to soften the line created by this product. Just make sure to work it while it is still 50 – 80 percent wet. Best to diffuse the line with a smudge brush.


As I stated earlier, the only problem I have with gel liners, in general, is that they dry fast. Really fast. So when ever you are working with this, make sure that every time you open the pot, immediately close it. Open it only as needed. You have to be mindful with this. Once the product dries up, it’s game over. It will be very difficult to even pick it up from the pot. if you do pick it up, once you start applying it on your lids, you get lot s of fall out. Take note that this product is heavier and more pigmented than eye shadow. Once this falls and stains your makeup base, it would be very difficult to clean it up.

There was a time I was so busy with work, that I ended up leaving the pot open all night. When I saw it the next day, it looked matte. The shine was gone and it was difficult to pick up the product.

I ended up buying a new pot.


I scoured the internet for any way of reviving the product. The only process I found appealing to me was to microwave the gel eyeliner for 10 seconds. After I tried it, I did see that the top layer of the gel liner was shiny again, but alas once I started using it, it did not work.

I had a thought and decided to experiment since. I believe that heat with bring this product to life. I decided to leave the old gel eyeliner pot in my car. This way, The product would heat up slowly, aided by the humidity inside the car. I also believe that cooling down the product slowly will help.

A day later, I took it out and used it on myself. The product glided smoothly on my lids just like the way it used to. I did not feel any adverse effect (itching or irritation) on my lids. The most important thing is, it has kept its wearability and durability. A few days later, upon checking, the product still appears moist and it’s workability. Let me say that, I will only use the old gel eyeliner on my self.

As a disclaimer, what works for me might not necessarily work for you. Always be cautionary with anything that you do with your makeup.


This product does not come cheap. It retails for Php 1450 at Rustan’s Department Store.

Bobbi Brown’s Gel Eyeliner comes in 18 shades to suit every eye color and the party girl with in you. To know more about this product visit their webpage by clicking here.



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