Seek The Uniq: Coloring Outside Lines

This campaign entitled “Coloring Outside Lines ” by Seek The Uniq was actually release sometime in October 2018.

Currently back posting some works I have done.

As you might have noticed, most of the photos I have been posting here are connected to my Instagram page. Everything is done through Instagram these days. I have to admit, it’s quite simpler that way. But most of all, since most blog sites have a limited number of photos that you can store, it actually helps me keep my costs down to run my blog. And that is a good thing.

This campaign features the beautiful Inna Gavrylenko. Inna is actually from Ukraine and she has been calling the Philippines home for the last Five years. We have worked together before on a print campaign for SM Aura; so it was a lovely surprise to see her that day.


This was a very straight forward catalogue campaign.

Editor-in-Chic: Mikka Padua

Photos by: Bliss Mabini.

Styled by: Nasia Cammayo

Accessories Merch: Nina Quintos

Hair and Makeup by: Tor Torre


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