Chikuhodo 2021 Collection: Soiree 3-Piece Set Review + Demo + Chat

I am very happy to have this brush set part of my kit! This past few weeks of testing out this brush has been really insightful and fun. It’s like a “getting to know you” phase which I truly enjoy.

Chikuhodo is a top brand/manufacturer of makeup brushes in Kumano, Hiroshima, Japan. They are the makers of the famed Suqqu Brushes that are known in the industry to be one of the very best. So having this Soiree 3-piece limited edition brush set is indeed special.

Click on the play button to know more.

If you want to know more about Chikuhodo, feel free to visit their site at All the information that you’ll need is there.

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As I said in the video, there were two sets released for their 2021 collection, the Soiree set and the Orb set. The marketing of these set is that, if you purchase both, you end up with a premium 8-piece brush set. I was actually very tempted to purchase the Orb set BUT – I do not have that kind of cash with me. After all, I have not been working much these past few months and my YouTube channel is not monetized. With the price of the sets combined, I would have to shell out $345. I can only afford $105 at this time.

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The videos and pictures were shot using an Iphone 11.


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