I’m In The New Globe 5G TV Commercial #CloserThanEver

I have been in a few commercials before – usually split second roles. I attached necklaces, removed hair pins, walked by, got cropped, out of frame or blurred. Such is a nature of being a talent. There was a time when I was younger that I did do a few castings, but I never got the gig. That’s Why I never really pursued it.

It wasn’t until I became a makeup artist that I would get cast as a stylist, hair stylist or makeup artist. I think it is the nature of working in production that you “fill in” roles. This doesn’t only happen to me, others are also asked to go in front of the camera “on the spot”.

When I got the casting call for this, I was like “Me?”. It was an acting role that I usually don’t get called for. I was also a bit apprehensive because I was told years ago, when I was younger, I was too thin, that my face is too feminine (which I am grateful for), I was Gay… so roles will be limited. All those things that were said to me came rushing thorough my brain because they kinda “stick”. I remember waving my hand in the air to brush them off and I decided to go through the casting process because, why not?

I was shocked when I found out that I was given the role because I have forgotten about it AND truthfully, I don’t usually survive the final round. What more now that I have lost my hair? *laughs* But as Cherie Gil once said to a contestant in Starstruck (not in verbatim), “Do not think about your appearance. Think about how you can give life to this character. You have it in you. Dig deep. Embody a role that is given no matter how small.”

I played a seasoned model who is in the closet. Which comes with a bit of a challenge because I am neither.

I was also very interested on the new shooting protocols that are being enforced when shooting during the pandemic. This is important to me because I work in production all the time.

I shared the scene with Mela – we practiced our mirroring via video call. That in itself was an experience. Thanks so much Mela, for being so game, patient and gung ho about perfecting our movements. It was an absolute pleasure to “play” with you.

Thank you Globe. Thank you Altillerie Media. Thank you International Institute for Film and Broadcast Arts. Thank you Direk AF and a big shout out to Christine Blando for guiding me through the scene! Thank you to the medical staff who watched over us. High Five to you guys!


Yes, I did my own makeup for my scene. I wanted the glam team to concentrate on Mela and not to worry about me. Should I make a makeup tutorial for this look? Let me know!


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