Vaness Del Moral

It all started with lipstick.

I met Vaness that way.

The first time I saw her during a taping for MARS in GMA, I said ” I like you, can I put blue lipstick on you?”. She was so game! I realized then, that she loved wearing bold colors on her lips all the time.

The lipstick I used on her that fateful day was a combination of Maybelline‘s Midnight Blue and Sapphire Siren.

Since then, every timeVaness is a guest on the show, I end up doing her lip stick. we’ve done deep plums, Ombre reds, nudes and pinks.

We connected that way.

In the middle of 2017, she asked me if I was willing to do her make up for her wedding on February 19, 2018. I was deeply humbled she chose me. I immediately said “Yes” without hesitation.

After going back and forth with ideas for her hair and makeup look, we decided to go for Hollywood with hints of 50’s glamour.

As you can see in the photos(click here), her wedding gown was in black and red, designed by the talented Albert Andrada (he designed the gown Pia Wurtzbach wore when she was crowned Miss Universe 2015). Some were very surprised by Vaness‘ choice, but frankly, it does fit her personality well. I also like it because it’s like a nod to her Spanish heritage. Very Flamenco.

Rey and I drove up to Baguio the day before her wedding. Since we got int early we headed to town for some coffee beans, brooms, strawberries. That afternoon we had a meeting with Vaness‘ team to plan a smooth “course” for the big day.

I was suffering from bronchitis on the day of her wedding. My passage ways got irritated from construction dust and construction paint + lack of sleep due to shooting during the week of her wedding.

Thankfully, with a bit of rest and doctor’s advice and antibiotics, I was able to pull through.


For the wedding ceremony, Vaness and I decided to keep her look classic. I gave her a 50’s inspired eyeliner treatment and used a lot of individual lashes on her. This added drama to the eyes, but didn’t weigh her lids down.

I enhanced her wonderful cheek bones with some bronzer to add warmth and glow to her skin.

Rey and I kept her hair up in a low bun because her coat had a high neck.

For the reception, we let her hair down. A nod to contemporary Hollywood, Rey created a contemporary Rita Hayworth style. Parted on the side, with cascading waves down to the shoulder.

I changed her eye makeup into a sooty smokey eye. This wasn’t black. It was a combination of sooty browns and golds with gold flecks. Perfect for the evening.

Her lip color was changed into a red. I decided not to use a bright red on her lips because her gown was “bright”. To compliment her skin and gown,  I used a combination of three deeper shades of red to give her a nice “ombre-esq” personalized look.

Thank yo so much Bane for having us! It was such and honor! I am also very glad to call you a friend.

Dos Mil Besos en el aire!









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