L.A. Colors Lipliner Pencil in Natural

I have just finished renewing my passport at the DFA South branch here in Alabang Town Center which is located on the 4th floor of The Metro Alabang Town Center Department Store.

I was making my way around the department store trying to find the mall exit when I ended up getting lost. I found myself at the cosmetics department and decided to browse around.

I was in for a surprise.

L.A. Colors Lipliner Pencil in Natural

I ended up finding one of my favorite lip products ever! Ever! It’s L.A. Colors lipliner pencil in Natural.

I first discovered this product when I went home to Cebu years ago, I was absently browsing the cosmetics department of Metro Ayala Cebu Department Store. I was just starting out then. I picked up this product because it was very affordable. I hoarded it.

Over the years, I lost touch with the product because I couldn’t find in Metro Manila. It was not until Purebeauty opened, the makeup store that carried the L.A.Colors brand, that I began using it again.


For the past few months, it has been out of stock. I have been saving the last remaining inch of my L.A. Colors lipliner pencil. Trying to let the product lastas long as possible. Everytime I sharpened it, my anxiety shoots up.

Can you imagine what a relief it was when I saw these today?!


The reason why I love using this because of it’s color. It registers as a medium shade of brown pink, which I have observed works well with most of the Filipina lips I have worked with.

This lip product is very easy to blend. It is very creamy, it glides easily on the lips. It is very pigmented, the more you layer the product the more pop of color you get.

The color also reminds me of one of my favoritelip products from NARS , his Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Bahama.

L.A. Colors lipliner pencil in Natural is my go to pencil when I want to emphasize the lips with out making it appear over drawn. I have used this countless of times for TVC shoots pairing it only with lipbalm. I use as well when clients ask for pale lips. I line it lightly around the lips , so as not to loose definition.

To see it in action, see my 50’s inspired makeup video tutorial here.

As for its price point, my friends, it’s very affordable. It only costs Php 99.*winks*

I am not quite sure what other department stores carry this brand. If you are in the market for a lipliner pencil AND if you happen to be by The Metro Ayala Center Cebu or at The Metro Alabang Town Center do check the L.A. Colors kiosk and see for yourself.

I bought three today. There are still two left on the display counter.


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