Backstage at Avel Bacudio for Fashion Watch Quartet (2008)


I took this photo of Krystal Espiritu after she got dressed. The make-up look was created to contrast the main color palette of Avel Bacudio‘s show; which was mostly done in white.

This show was done circa June 2008, and I was yet still learning how to be confident with my skills. I was grateful for this show because it enabled me to play with a very somber color palette. The over all color tone of this look was purple.

1930395_19525676660_8692_nAn over all eye shadow of dull purple was applied on Krystal’s eyes. I made sure to create a “crease” on her eyes to make it appear “deep set”. A dull yellow-green eyeshadow was the applied on the inner corner of her eyes.This was dome to make them appear wider and to enhance the “crease” I created prior. I then used a dull violet/wine colored eyeshadow to blend the dull purple eyeshadow I used prior.

Cream gold eyeshadow was applied to her brow bone as a highlight.

Krystal’s real brows were drawn using a light brown eyebrow pencil.

Her inner lips were then colored with purple lipstick and I outlined her entire lip with a violet colored lip pencil to reflect the treatment I did on her eyes earlier.

I added bronzer all over her face to warm up her complexion and I applied a dull violet shade of blush on the apples of her cheeks.

She then hit the runway not soon after.

I miss fashion and I miss you too Krystal!


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