Rotmay Kaneungnij Jaksamittanon (รถเมล์ คะนึงนิจ จักรสมิทธานนท์)

Rotmay and I

This behind the scene photo was taken in March 2011.

I was awarded a project to do the make up of Thai star Rotmay for Pantene. This TVC was to be aired in Thailand only.

I was a bit nervous because, at that time, I have hardly worked with celebrities. I my nervousness was thrown out the window when I was introduced to Rotmay. She was very professional, very sweet and very kind. I also applaud her to be in good spirits despite being called to the set so early in the morning.

After the makeup session, I asked her if she approved of my make-up. She stood up from my chair, walk to the mirror and checked everything out. With a thumbs up sign she said yes! She especially liked the false eye lashes I used on her. As a gesture of thanks and goodwill, I rounded up all the false lashes I had in stock and gave them to her for future use.

This was a good day.

I don’t have the complete TVC, only the rough edit. Click here to see it.

Here are some photos behind the scenes.

Rotmay on set
That’s me my assistant Abby, and hair guru Lowel trying to get into the mirror with Rotmay.

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