Kyoto + Fude Matsuri 2019 Brush Haul Please click the play button!   So that is my Kyoto and Fude Matsuri 2019 brush haul. If you want to see my 2019 Fude Matsuri video and read my blog about it, click here. If you want to see the video and read up about my Hakuhodo + Fude Matsuri 2018 experience, click … Continue reading Kyoto + Fude Matsuri 2019 Brush Haul

Fude Matsuri + Hakuhodo Brush Haul

Chapter One Some time in 2013, I was busy researching online for Japanese makeup brushes when I bumped into an article entitled "With Life on Paper - Kumano Fude Festival" written by Paul Walsh for I was amazed to have read that a small town located 20 kilometres east of Hiroshima had a brush … Continue reading Fude Matsuri + Hakuhodo Brush Haul