Bench The Showroom Spring Summer 2016

Unfortunately I didn’t have time to take photos during the show, but here are some pictures I have managed to collect from Instagram with the #theshowroom2016.

Hair and Makeup by Team Tor Torre.

#backstage with @araarida for #Bench

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#backstage #madness for #Bench

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#backstage #madness right before the finale for #Bench

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@benchtm #SagaEvents #theShowroomSS2016

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Served for lunch, @benchtm's #theShowroomSS2016. Take your pick.

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Well, good afternoon indeed! Many 🐤s at Blackbird #TheShowroomSS2016

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Bench The Showroom Holiday 2015

Team Tor Torre was tapped to do the hair and makeup for Bench. The Showroom2015 showcased looks from the different Bench brands namely: Bench, Her Bench, Human, Kashieca and Bench Body.

Here are some photos taken from Instagram with #theshowroom2015.

Kashieca #TheShowroom2015

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