Daiso Eyebrow Pencil

One of my favorite product to use these days is this eyebrow pencil from DAISO Japan. Yes, DAISO; The Japanese version of the Dollar Store.


DAISO’s Eyebrow Pencil

I first encountered this product when I went to Tokyo in 2010. Cholo and I along with our good friends, Tita Gina and Tito Ken, were strolling around the district of Ueno when I asked Tita Gina what brand she used to fill in her brows.

With a twinkle in her eye she said, “You like it? Come, I’ll show you”. With Tita Gina and Tito Ken leading Cholo and I, we walked through back streets, crossed a few tiny roads and passed by numeros shops until we found ourselves in front of DAISO.

I was in heaven.


DAISO’s eyebrow pencil is double ended. The pencil in one end, comes in a “wind-up” form; while a stationary spoolie in on the other end. Dual functionality for one product.


One of the reason why I like this product is because the tip of this pencil is not too soft nor is it too hard. It is just right. I have noticed when I buy low-end eyebrow pencils, they are very soft because they have a high wax content. It is characterized by having a soft tip that “melts” as soon as you start working the product. Often times leaving clumps of wax on the skin or on the brow hairs making blending difficult, resulting in a dirty and blotchy look.

DAISO‘s eyebrow pencil enables me to be in control. The initial application of the product is light. I can then build up the color I want to achieve by layering the product. It always turns out into a smooth and even application.

10695298_10152705883851661_518416280_nThe main reason why I like this product is because of it’s color. I only have DAISO‘s eyebrow pencil in brown. Unlike other brown eyebrow pencils in the market, DAISO‘s eyebrow pencil doesn’t have too much red pigments in them (Click here to know why I am wary of such). It has a very balanced combination of pigments. It gives out a warmth and golden hue that I absolutely love.

I have noticed that most girls I have worked with in the Philippines have dyed their hair brown with golden and red tones. Take this photo on the left of TV host Suzi Entrata-Abrera. I used DAISO‘s eyebrow pencil on her brows and it matches her hair perfectly.

This products tends to shine in the long run, especially with those who have oily skin. I usually blot the eyebrow area with tissue, reapply and set with brow powder.

This is currently my go to product ever since Laura Mercier reformulated their eyebrow pencils.

I can’t give you the list of ingredients because it is written in kanji, hiragana, katakana. I can’t seem to find any source on the net as well for this information.

This product weighs 0.03 grams and is made in Korea (toink).

This product sells for less than $5.



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