Oral/Dental Care 101

It’s Philippine Dental Health Month – and I have wanted to do a video like this before because not a lot of people care for the mouth, teeth and gums properly. Being a child in the Philippines during the 80’s, dental care was not really a top priority. Not to mention it is very difficult to find a GREAT dentist BUT most of all, the Philippines has just come out of a dictatorship – so it took a while for “modern dentistry” to catch up. As I said in the video, I had bad teeth growing up. It wasn’t in a horrible state, but because the right information was not given, the outcome wasn’t the best for my teeth because it wasn’t made on an “informed” decision.

I failed to mention in the video that, it was actually Oprah who inspired me to have my teeth fixed. I was watching one episode of hers and she was talking about “Teeth” and giving away teeth makeovers. The make overs were amazing but, what really imprinted on me were: having good teeth is important for ones personal health and confidence. Her message stuck to me and I will never forget her sage words “Once you have money, fix your teeth.” And that’s what I did.


Make sure to visit your dentist for a check up and prophylaxis (teeth cleaning). Make sure that any cavities on your teeth are filled – tooth decay can lead to bad breath, headaches and pain that can interfere with daily life BUT most of all, extreme tooth decay can lead to heart problems or bacterial infection (sepsis).

As Mentioned on the video, the products I use are:

Electric Tooth Brush : Oral B Vitality Precision Clean Toothbrush

Floss: Oral B Essentialfloss

Water Flosser: Waterpik WP-450 (check their website here)

Manual Water Flosser: Power Floss

A mouth guard or a dental guard is available through your dentist. It needs to be fitted well on your teeth so as to avoid teeth movement, discomfort and additional pain. My mouth guard/dental guard cost Php 5000 ($105).

If you are wondering how to use an Oral B electric tooth brush watch this:

If you are wondering how to use a Waterpik water flosser watch this:


The products I am using has worked for me and it might not necessarily work for you. Always be discerning when purchasing cosmetics or skin care products. Always read the label and the literature! Always do a patch test before you purchase a product for the first time to see that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients listed.

This video/post is not sponsored. The products that are shown here are the products that I always use, love and live by.

The videos and pictures were shot using an Iphone 11.


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