St. Ives Cleansing Stick Review

I know this review is coming in a little late, because it has been released for quite some time now. But hopefully, my input can be useful in understanding and appreciating the St. Ives Cleansing Stick.

I do really enjoy the colors of the packaging. I forgot to mention in the video that the colors actually match the product. Light Pink for Rose Water, Light Orange for Apricot, Light Green for Matcha Green Tea and Light Blue for the Cactus Water. Yes, there is actually a blue cactus. But, with these other ingredients aside, I enjoy this product mainly because it is made with Coconut Oil. Coconut oil is known for its anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral properties which is a huge plus in skin care especially for facial products.

Now, I am not entirely sure why there was no Rose Water and Bamboo available for purchase and I have not seen this on the shelves the first time I purchased the cleansing stick. It might be out of stock due to shipment issues or it might have been pulled off of the shelves because of low sales. After going through some website based in the United States – the price for this particular variant varies between $10 and $13. So maybe the price point might be the issue.

It’s very easy to use this product, it’s very instinctive. You can do know wrong with it. It is easy to store and handle – perfect for on the go.

I purchased my first cleansing stick in Watson’s in SM City BF Homes. My subsequent purchases were made through Lazada.


Let me say that I am not a dermatologist, if you have any more questions about using this as a skin care product, ask one. The products I am using has worked for me and it might not necessarily work for you. Always be discerning when purchasing cosmetics or skin care products. Always read the label and the literature! Always do a patch test before you purchase a product for the first time to see that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients listed.

This video/post is not sponsored. The products that are shown here are the products that I always use, love and live by.

The videos and pictures were shot using an Iphone 11.


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