Pam Prinster

We actually shoot three episodes in one day for Mars Pa More. And on this day, the makeup room was brimming.

I handle Iya the host and Ernal, my colleague, is the one who handles the guests of the show. This day was a bit hectic for Ernal and just to help lighten his load, I offered to do Pam’s makeup while Iya was rolling on set.

Pam and I would cross paths back stage at StarStruck because she is currently part of the top six. I couldn’t interact much with her because I a working with a council member (Miss Cherie) on the same show. Pam is such a beauty, with so much charm and grace. It was such a pleasure to do her make up.

I kept her look light and fresh – after all the show airs at 8:50 in the morning. I also wanted to make sure that Pam’s natural beauty shines through.


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