Seek the Uniq: Walk The Waka Campaign

Seek The Uniq‘s “Walk The Waka Campaign” is a feature of African prints in bold colors.

The Editor-in-Chic Mikka, has just recently came back from a trip to Africa and was in love with the African way of crafting clothes. I tried on one and it fit me to a T!

This campaign features the beautiful Angela Lehmann. Gela, as she is fondly called, is the 2017 Philippines Next Top Model winner.

I was so captivated by her beauty that I would love to share mostly all of her beauty shots.

Kept her makeup simple. I enhanced her skin by making sure she was well covered and hydrated + a nice gloden-orange wash of eye shadow kept her looking fresh.

Editor-in-Chic: Mikka Padua

Photos by: Bliss Mabini.

Styled by: Nasia Cammayo

Accessories Merch: Nina Quintos

Hair and Makeup by: Tor Torre



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