Project Real Leaf Green Tea (Regional)

Real Leaf Green Tea


This was one of the most challenging makeup look I have ever created.

The front laced wig was secured in place by some spirit gum and was tied tighter than usual on the talent’s because the poor man was tied on a rig the entire shoot. My hair stylist, Rey, and I made sure that it would not come undone at any given time.

The most difficult aspect was the mustache and the beard. When this was shot in 2011, there was only one shop that sold mustache pieces in manila. Prior to shooting, I individually attached hair extensions that were cut to the prescribed length, crimped and sprayed with white to “age” the mustache and the beard.

It took the hair and makeup team a little over two hours to finish the look on our talent.I unfortunately lost all photos of this shoot when my old MAC G4 died.



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