Backstage at Robin Tomas For Philippine Fashion Week (May) 2009

Early in my career, I honed my skills by doing makeup for fashion shows. I am seen here applying some lipgloss on model Girlie Benitez during the final line up for Robin Tomas‘ Philippine Fashion Week debut .

Based on the watermark, this photo is owned by photographer Daniel Tan (click on his name to be brought to his website). I do remember finding this photo when I goggled Robin‘s show years ago. I deemed this memory lost, when Multiply ceased to exist.


I was curiously going through my files last night and I was surprised to find this photograph of Girlie taken moments before Robin‘s show was going to start. It must have managed to survive when I did an auto save of all my Multiply files.

I was assisting under Eric Maningat at this time.

I took the liberty of using a lighter shade of foundation on Girlie so that eye makeup look will “pop out”. Unfortunately there was so much flash back in the photo, making her foundation appear too light. For comparison check out the photo below.

we were instructed to create a look that involved an orangey-pink eye shadow treatment that went out all the way to the temples and blended into the cheeks. Bronzer was lightly applied to warm up the cheeks.

Jasmine Maierhoref (Makeup by Ricky Dalu), I forgot her name, Girlie Benitez

I used Laura Mercier’s brow pencil in Blonde on Girlie. Using a brunette brow pencil would be too stark a contrast with the eyeshadow treatment.

There was no eyeliner, but we used spiky lashes to bring drama to the eyes. I filled Girlie’s lips using a neutral pink lip pencil and added an orangey-pink gloss to tie in the look.

I learned the art of doing brows while working with Girlie. She’s very particular with her brow game and I will be forever grateful that she allowed me to learn and play with her.

To know more about Robin Tomas, his designs and where to buy his clothes, click on his name to be brought to his webpage.

Robin has managed to save some footage from his show and it’s on his YouTube Chanel. Here are all four parts of his Philippine Fashion Week Debut.



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