Backstage at Cesar Gaupo for Fashion Watch Quartet (2008)

This is a photo taken of model Adie Adelantar Lee a few minutes before the start of the runway show of Cesar Gaupo. Adie frequents my chair a lot of times when we end up working for the same show.

The makeup look for this show was very minimal to contrast the very colorful and fully embroidered designs of Cesar.

I kept Adie’s skin radiant and fresh by using a foundation that matched her skin tone. I used a peach blush to add color to her cheeks. There was no contouring needed, but I did add a hint of bronzer to warm her skin.

The makeup team was instructed by Patrick Rosas, chief makeup artist, to use one wash for violet eyeshadow with silver pearl, to nicely groom the  brows with out over filling, to use a hint of eyeliner and to finish off the look with some winged out lashes.

The highlight on Adie’s brows catches the light and draws you to her eyes.

I took the liberty of adding some dark purple eyeshadow to the outer corner of Adie’s lower lash line to “open” her eyes.   I also added a bit of highlight on her brow bone for drama when she’ll be photographed; as evidently captured in this photo.

I can’t remember the products I used on Adie but I remember the lipstick I used on her, it was an Armani #7.


In 2009, Adie placed as Miss Philippines Eco Tourism at the Miss Philippines Earth Pageant, a runner up to Miss Philippines Earth 2009 Sandra Seifert.

I have lost touch with Adie years after I quit Patrick’s team to forge my own path. Funny enough, a year or two back, I bumped into her in a 711 along Legaspi Street in Makati and shared one big hug.

She’s now married and was a Sun Life Advisor. Based on her Facebook posts, I reckon she’s now an In-Flight Crew for Saudia Airlines. What a way to travel the world.



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