The Ultimate Smokey Kohl Tutorial + History by Lisa Eldridge

I have been a fan of ancient Egyptian art and culture since my childhood. Every time I enter a museum, I always visit the Ancient Egyptian wing first. Always.

I first encountered this contraption in 2007. I was going around the Ancient Egyptian gallery of the British Museum when I saw an Ancient Egyptian Kohl container amongst an assortment of vessels used to store various cosmetics and skin care products.

The photo above was taken during my recent trip to The Metropolitan Museum of Art (The MET) in New York. It was then that I remembered that Lisa Eldridge had an amazing video about the history of Kohl. This video talks about the reasons why Ancient Egyptians wore Kohl, the design of the containers, the ingredients in making Kohl and on how it’s made.

So, if you are a little bit interested in the history of makeup and  wanting to see a makeup tutorial on how to wear Kohl, then click on the video below.



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