BrowLash EX Eyebrow Coat

I fist saw this product on the show “Document 72 Hours” on NHK World. As stated in their website, Document 72 hours “is an unusual program series that explores human dramas through chance encounters with ordinary people at selected locations.”

On that particular Tuesday evening, Document 72 Hours featured a “Makeup Room” in Osaka Station. It is essentially a powder room for women where they can “freshen up” before heading to work, to an interview, or before heading out to a date. For a minimal fee, you can rent a small cubicle where you can style your hair and put on makeup. You can rent hair styling implements and use makeup from the makeup counter for an additional fee I suppose, it wasn’t tackled.

The camera crew was interviewing this girl who was on her way to some interview. I couldn’t remember the details, BUT I remember this girl applying someting on her eyebrows. When the interviewer asked her what she was applying, she said it was a brow sealant that would make her eyebrow makeup last longer; smudge proof + water proof.

A few months later, Rommel, the director of our show MARS gave Suzi and Camille some pasalubong from Japan. It was the eyebrow sealant that I saw on Document 72 Hours! I asked Suzi if we could try it out.

We were impressed. It delivered what it promised.

It took me a while to have my own eyebrow coat. I don’t really enjoy asking friends to look for makeup products for me during their travels because I do not feel comfortable in making someone go out of their way for me. Well, I didn’t mind badgering my friend Barbie to get me this product when she told me she was going to Japan for a few days early this year.

Barbie is a very good designer from Cebu. Check out her work at:

BrowLash EX

This BrowLash Ex eyebrow coat is made by BCL Company, a Japanese consumer  skincare, hair care, nail care and cosmetics company.

BrowLash Ex eyebrow coat will make your eyebrow makeup smudge proof and waterproof. even swimming will not ruin your brow game.

This product comes in a 5 gram bottle. Very easy to store and handle.

The liquid is clear. It feels cool to the touch and doesn’t feel sticky once applied. Once dry, it creates a film on top of the skin, sealing eyebrow product used.

This is very easy to use. After filling in your brows, you apply a thin layer of the sealant on top of your brows. Use a spoolie to spread the product evenly, ensuring maximum coverage. In my experience, this works best with eyebrow pencils.

Aside from making your eyebrows smudge proof + waterproof, BrowLash Ex eyebrow coat also fixes your brows in place.

This product sells for 500 yen. That’s around Php200 +-. Very affordable.

So if you want to keep your brow game on fleek. This might be a good product to try.


I’m not quite sure if this is available in the Philippines, but if you have friends in or traveling to Japan, you might ask them to pick this up for you.

This can be easily seen in any cosmetics store, convenience store or at any open air market.

To know more about BrowLash EX visit:













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