Coleen Perez

I was booked as the makeup artist for a DIY Hair coloring product.

I was told than the main talent was to arrive a little after lunch. So we shot crucial scenes before her arrival.

I remembered that I was checking some of my brushes when Coleen burst through the door, and we both exclaimed “Beh, ikaw pala!”(Babe, it’s you!). Being an actress,I have met Coleen a number of times in GMA Network.

This was the first time we have worked together. It was quite a grueling shoot, because anything shot with hair involved takes a while. Kudos to Aiky for a job well done on Coleen’s hairstyle for that day.

To see our Liese tv commercial, click here.

Here are some “on set” photos of Coleen and I.

Coleen Perez
Behind the scenes
Coleen and I
Coleen and I
Coleen Perez
Coleen on set



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