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Grendel Alvarado | Bride | I first met @grendelgreendoll backstage in 2007 when I did her makeup for the Fashion Watch Series at the Makati Shangri-La. She was fresh from winning #phippinesnexttopmodel and I was still starting out as a #makeupartist. I was part of a makeup team that did fashion. Whenever Grendel and I were working on the same fashion show, she always sat on my chair except when other senior makeup artist got to her first. Nevertheless, I will be forever grateful for the trust that she showed me despite the fact that I was relatively new and very unsure of my skills. Thank you for making me practice on your beautiful face! Now 8 years later, she's happily married to a wonderful guy and I am grateful that she asked me to do her #makeup for her ceremony in Bacolod. It was a full circle moment for me. | I wish you luck and I wish you love. I'll visit you in Kenya ha?! Amping! | makeup by: @tortorre | hair by: @reyarciaga |

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