Skin Care 101: Always Moisturize


Always moisturize. It is the key to healthier and younger looking skin.

There are many women who skip this process because of many issues. One issue I always hear is that, it makes their skin “oily”. Do take note, that no matter what you put on your skin, if you are oily, you will always be oily. Use the appropriate moisturizer for your skin type.

Moisturizer acts by nourishing the skin. As a makeup artist, let me say, it is easier to work with skin that has been prepared and hydrated. Moisturizer restores the water level in your skin and creates a protective barrier from make up or from harmful oxidizing agents from the environment.

I practice what I preach and try to live by example. This way my clients can see for themselves what moisturizer can do.

In this short video, I am showing you a simple application process that doesn’t take too much of my time.


I am seen here using VMV Hypoallergenics Re-Everything Cream: Anti-Age Primary Treatment.

For those in the Philippines you can check it out at

The rest of the world, check it out at


If you are interested to read more about what skin care products I use, click here.

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