Look Test for Style Origins : Men’s Week

I was asked by famed Filipino fashion show director Ariel Lozada to be a part of a test shoot for Style Origin 2015. Having been out of the fashion industry for almost 5 years, I immediately said “YES” to the opportunity.

On the day of the shoot, I didn’t know who I was working with. Being my usual early self, I set up my things while waiting for the styling team to arrive.

I turned as I heard the rolling door open and saw Noel Manapat, the stylist, come through followed by Ben Chan, owner of BENCH, and Michael Cinco, Filipino global fashion designer. Famed fashion photographer Filbert Kung came in a few minutes later. I had to stifle my shock and nervousness when I realized that this test shoot was a big deal.

I was then briefed.


Here are some out takes from the shoot taken from my phone.

Grooming by: Tor Torre

Hair by: Ogie Waban


Victor, Darren, Kevin

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