Christi Lynn McGarry

I had the pleasure of working with Christi for two campaigns for Seek the Uniq entitled "Coconut Republic" and "Deck The Halls... Or Floors". I first met Christi on a casting session for a different project. When I saw her walk into the studio, I exclaimed "Christi Lynn McGarry, as I live and breathe!". She was nice enough … Continue reading Christi Lynn McGarry

My Favorite Skin Care Products My first entry for this blog of mine was entitled "Good Skin" (click to read my previous blog). There I talked about my favorite skin care products. The core products of my skin care routine has not changed since, but I did add a few products into the mix. Consider this video of mine … Continue reading My Favorite Skin Care Products

Renato Menezes

~ Outtakes of Renato Menezes , Brazilian model (currently making his way around Philippine showbiz),  dons a Thamanyah and Michael Cinco Bench Underwear for a collaborative editorial Shoot. Creative Team: Ariel Lozada and Noel Manapat Photo: Filbert Kung Grooming: Tor Torre