Backstage at Lulu Tan-gan for Fashion Watch Quartet (August 2008)

Jessica and Krystal

The girls for the Fashion Watch Quartet : Lulu Tan-gan show have just been dressed and were lining up at the ball room where we were stationed when I took this photo of Jessica and Krystal.

The main focal point of the makeup for this show was the glossed out “Barbie” pink lipstick which complemented the knitwear of Lulu’s design.

Jessica and Krystal were some of the models who frequently sat on my chair throughout the Fashion Watch Series and I appreciate them for that. Jessica and Krystal for me are both beautiful in their own way and I enjoyed working with them.

I was still an apprentice makeup artist at this time and working on two women with very different features at this stage of my career has been a very enriching experience.


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