Backstage at OJ Hofer for Fashion Watch Quartet (May 2008)


This photo of Jeane was taken when she was on file backstage for the collection of OJ Hofer for Fashion Watch Quartet.

This was in May 2008, summer season in the Philippines. The makeup look was very complementary to the colorful hues of OJ’s designs and reflective of the season. I was amazed by the shoes of this collection, they were made out of wood. The heels were carved! Unfortunately I lost a lot of photos during this time of my career because my laptop crashed.


I used a shade darker of foundation on Jeane. This made the color of the clothes “pop”. Her warmer skin tone also made her eye makeup more prominent. A bronze color was applied all over her lids. I blended it up and outward. Some gold highlights were added to her brow bone for some added drama. Black cake eyeliner was used to rim her top and bottom lash line. This was blended really well so that it did not appear too black. Lots of mascara completed her eye makeup look.

The eyebrows were left as is.

Oh her cheeks, I first applied a delicate pink blush. I gradually applied the color to make her skin looked “flushed”. I then blended a  golden toned bronzer to make her look sun kissed.

Pink gloss was used on her lips.


Jeane was one of the girls who used to frequent my chair during shows. She’s very cute and funny. She really giggles when dirty jokes are thrown around the makeup room.


I haven’t seen her in person for some years now but in her posts, when she’s not in her bikini, she travels the world as a Cabin Crew for Philippine Airlines.


Here’s a throwback photo of us back stage. I was rocking a really good tan before I met some sunscreen. I can’t believe how young we were Jeane! Our cheeks were still round and I still had hair! *laughs*.

How time flies.



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