Backstage with Isabel Roces

Isabel Roces

To my embarrassment, I simply forgot what show this look was created for. Philippine Fashion Week 2009 was a very hectic week. It was the hardest week I have ever worked for in my life! I did four shows in a day. It was my adrenaline that kept my back from going out.

I used to have a complete back up on the shows I worked on during the time I was an assistant make-up artist but alas, my old MAC G4 died and went to techno heaven with all my files.

After having a conversation in my head, I decided it would be such a waste not to post this photo of Isabel Roces despite the lack of information regarding the show.

I loved how the gunmetal smoky eye look together with dramatic lashes emphasized Isabel’s beautiful eyes. The soft pastel pink glossy lips was a nice contrast as well.

This was one of my lucky days. It’s very rare during those days for top models to sit on an assistant’s chair. Isabel has just finished walking for another show when I saw her rush through the make-up room. Eric Maningat, the lead makeup artist pointed her to me for my chair was the only one left vacant.

We had 20 minutes before the start of the show.



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