Backstage at Alex Bitong for Fashion Watch Quartet (October 2008)


This photo was taken during the first show for the fourth Series of Fashion Watch Quartet. Fashion Watch Quartet was a series of Fashion shows held at the Shangri-La Makati that lasted for a year (2008).

This was the Show of Alex Bitong held on October 2008.

My knowledge about fashion and the people involved with fashion, at that time, was very limited.

I first met Jo Ann Bitagcol, prior to the start of the Fashion Watch Series. She was quite an authoritative figure. Being a model of more profound experience, she trained some of the younger models. Imparting knowledge on how to be an effective model.

I was scared of her, mainly because I didn’t know her. She’d pass by the work  stations of the apprentices and sit on the chair of a much more senior makeup artist. From a distance, I always made sure to observe the makeup process and the way they interacted. She’s much more relaxed and animated when she’s comfortable.

I finally had the courage to ask Jo Ann to do her makeup for one of the shows 6 months later. She afforded me the privilege. That’s when I got to know her. That’s was the time I knew how she wanted her eyebrows to be done. *laughs*

Jo Ann is a very sweet woman, loved by everyone around her.

She is now a fashion photographer.


For this look, a jewel toned magenta eyeshadow was used as a base. I used a combination of cake liner and black eyeshadow to smoke it out, creating depth. Silver creme highlighter on the brow bone to create dimension.

Lashes, of course, to open up the eye.

Blush was very minimal, so as not to take away the emphasis from the eyes.

For the lips, I used Nars Matte Lip Velvet in Sex Machine and added some gloss.



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