Project Pharrell

Nestea Lemon TVC
Client: Nestle
Agency: Publicis Manila
Production House: Straightshooters Media Inc.
Producer: Babes Reyes
Director: Gian Mawo
EP: Raissa H. Carrelli
LP: Marie Go
Assistant Director: James Sales
DOP: Monchie Redoble
Production Designer: Debbie Villanueva
Propsman: Thee Propsman
Post House: EO+
Colorist: Aurie Anden
PM: Bea Angulo


Hair: Janet Caballe
Makeup : Tor Torre

For the director’s cut, click here.


I stated in a post on Instagram that this was one of the most challenging projects I have ever done. The resetting of hair and makeup was affecting me psychologically. It was like I was in a twilight zone of sorts! *Laughs*


Don’t get me wrong, I did love working on this project because I gained many insights on how to make makeup stay longer. I have to say, the only casualties were the four sets of false eyelashes I had to change.

The lead talent for this project was Filipina – Australian Nina Robertson. She was so game for this shoot, kudos to her! Her job was not easy but she committed to it and sailed through.

Here is Nina’s complete look for the project.

Here’s a short Instavideo that Janet, the hairstylist, took while I was doing the finishing touches to her eye makeup.

Look up please…

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CollageThis project was shot in two days. The first day was dedicated for the splashing scenes and the second day was for the rest of the story.
The other two talents I met on the second day was the dashing Igor and the cute Eljohn. The scenes took place on a small street at the BGC.
Speaking of talent, there was one scene where I made it into the final film. The stand by area was quite far, and it was too tedious running away from the set and going back to do some retouching once the word “cut” reverberated throughout the set. So I decided to play a part in the crowd. At the 2 second mark, you’ll see my bald head and my ass. *Laughs*. Such is life on set.

Lactum “Steps”


Makeup by: Tor Torre

Hair by: Ogie Waban

Assisted by: Samantha Mcheaven


Here are some behind the scenes photo taken during the shoot.

On set with the mom talent. Occupational hazard: forgetting names!
On set with the mom talent. Occupational hazard: forgetting names!


goofing around on set
goofing around on set




An MNR Film (Philippine Fashion Week 2010)

Marlon Rivera had a plan. Instead of having a runway show for Philippine Fashion Week 2010, he decided a short film would showcase his collection.

On a short notice, I was rounded up to be part of the shoot. I didn’t know what to do or what to expect on the shoot day. As the director, Cholo Laurel, said, “No pre-prod, no script, all randomly shot with one theme in mind, “scheme” and then sa editing na lang gumawa ng istorya (the story was formed during editing)…hahahah”

Great things can happen when great minds come together, and a bit of luck.

I yearn to do more works like this.


Director: Cholo Laurel

Director of Photography: Jun Aves

Production Designer: Marlon Rivera

Makeup Artists: Tor Torre and Ricci Chan

Jewelry: Leigh Reyes

Flowers and Buttoneers: Dino Mark Reyes

Editor: Albert Olayer

Musical Score: Brian Cua

Production Manager: Marie Go

Production Assistant: Diana Colon


Jo Ann Bitagcol

Giselle Paqueo

Harvey Cruz

Philippe Escalambre

Christian dela Cruz

Samantha Gomez

Jade Dy

Eri Fukada

Special Thanks to:

Jeremy Barns , Director of the National Museum Of The Philippines

Madonna Tarrayo

Cata Figueroa

Manuel Barretto

Straight Shooters Media