Sento: My Japanese Communal Bath House Experience

I have always been intrigued by Sento. Mainly because it gives you a "peek" inside the ritual of bathing in Japan. Let me explain, Sento is different from an Onsen. In a nutshell, Sento is a public bath where in water is heated, while Onsen is a natural hot spring. If you follow me on … Continue reading Sento: My Japanese Communal Bath House Experience

My Boyfriend Underwent Microblading

Cholo, my partner of 13 years, has always had sparse eyebrows. It has always been a point of frustration for him. Since day one of our relationship, I've have always seen him fill in his brows. So, for his birthday or for Christmas, I always buy him eyebrow pencils. The past few years, there has … Continue reading My Boyfriend Underwent Microblading