Project Achieve

Shot this Television Commercial for Jeregens with the beautiful Hillarie Parungao.

So glad we’ve managed to shoot this successfully despite having breaks between takes because of threats of thunder and rain.

Click here to see some behind the scenes photos and videos I took of Hillarie, Janet and I during the shoot day.


Makeup by : Tor Torre

Hair by: Janet Saberon



Hillarie Parungao

I was lucky enough to have been booked for a job and my talent was Hillarie. Seen on the photo above was taken before the tape started rolling. That’s the hair stylist, Janet Saberon , Hillarie and I.

The first time I worked with Hillarie was when she was around 19 years old. That’s around 6 years ago. She was only a supporting character at that time. Now, I’m so proud of her achievements. Her light and bubbly character has never changed even after becoming Miss World Philippines 2015. She’s fun, talkative and full of energy!

Here are some of Hillarie’s Snapchat videos she took while we were prepping for the shoot.

Seek The Uniq: Ace Up Your Sleeves Campaign

I was commissioned to do the hair and make up for the “Ace Up Your Sleeves” campaign for the online shop with the beautiful Hillarie Parungao.

Behind the scenes with Hillarie

Here’s a few pictures of the look I created for their campaign. Visit their website by clicking on to find your sartorial bliss.

Hillarie Hillarie


Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 7.09.39 PM Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 7.10.37 PMHillarieHillarie


Hillarie Parungao

Hillarie on set under the lights.

Hillarie and I on set
I first worked with Hillarie years ago for a shoot way before she won Miss World Philippines 2015. She must have been around 19 or 20 then. We really hit it off then, always laughing and talking. She’s very light on the heart. Elegant and charming.

I have been watching her rise through the beauty pageant circuit and I am truly proud of her success.

I wish you all the best dear in all of your endeavors! Good luck!



This girl has amazing cheekbones.
Around early March, I got a series of calls for a project. When I was awarded the project, I was asked by the producer to come in during final casting to take a look at the top two models who were shortlisted for this project.

As I entered the casting area, I just heard “Oi Tor, ikaw pala!”. To my surprised, I looked up and  it was Hillarie. We catched-up for a bit before I was brought to one corner to be briefed by the producer regarding the “look” of the shoot. I got introduced to the other model, Isabel, before I  started working on both girls for their workshop.


Once the workshop was over and since casting will be done a few days after, I brought both girls to one side and gave them tips on how to maintain their skin for the IMG_7733upcoming shoot. No salt, no alcohol, and lots of sleep.


The night before the shoot, I received word that Hillarie was cast as the lead talent. Before heading to bed, I prepared all that I needed to emphasize that beautiful healthy glow that Hillarie inately posses.

Here’s my edit of the tvc:

To see the original along side Judy Ann Santos click here.

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