Janella Salvador

I met Janella Salvador on the day of our shoot. I have never met her before that and I was a bit nervous. It was coupled by the fact that I had to had regional approval to get this job. So it was a big deal.

But all of that nervousness was set aside when she started singing while Janet, the hair stylist, and I was doing her hair and makeup. She placed us in a very relaxed atmosphere.

This was the print shoot for Olay Natural White.

There was a very strict hair and makeup requirement that had to be followed. And one must abide. Less is always more.

I managed to bump into her print ad on line and it dawned on me that this photoshoot made it to the Olay Billboard that she starred along side Pia Wurtzbach and Charo Santos.

Here are some photos of Janella linked from my Instagram Page.



Hillarie Parungao

My playmates today! | All fun and laughter with @mariahillarie and @jannet_saberon07

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I was lucky enough to have been booked for a job and my talent was Hillarie. Seen on the photo above was taken before the tape started rolling. That’s the hair stylist, Janet Saberon , Hillarie and I.

The first time I worked with Hillarie was when she was around 19 years old. That’s around 6 years ago. She was only a supporting character at that time. Now, I’m so proud of her achievements. Her light and bubbly character has never changed even after becoming Miss World Philippines 2015. She’s fun, talkative and full of energy!

Here are some of Hillarie’s Snapchat videos she took while we were prepping for the shoot.

@mariahillarie 's #snapchat series at 6am today | paging @jannet_saberon07 |

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Coleen Perez

I was booked as the makeup artist for a DIY Hair coloring product.

I was told than the main talent was to arrive a little after lunch. So we shot crucial scenes before her arrival.

I remembered that I was checking some of my brushes when Coleen burst through the door, and we both exclaimed “Beh, ikaw pala!”(Babe, it’s you!). Being an actress,I have met Coleen a number of times in GMA Network.

This was the first time we have worked together. It was quite a grueling shoot, because anything shot with hair involved takes a while. Kudos to Aiky for a job well done on Coleen’s hairstyle for that day.

To see our Liese tv commercial, click here.

Here are some “on set” photos of Coleen and I.

Coleen Perez
Behind the scenes
Coleen and I
Coleen and I
Coleen Perez
Coleen on set


Seek The Uniq: Ace Up Your Sleeves Campaign

I was commissioned to do the hair and make up for the “Ace Up Your Sleeves” campaign for the online shop www.seektheuniq.com with the beautiful Hillarie Parungao.

Behind the scenes with Hillarie

Here’s a few pictures of the look I created for their campaign. Visit their website by clicking on www.seektheuniq.com to find your sartorial bliss.

Hillarie Hillarie


Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 7.09.39 PM Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 7.10.37 PMHillarieHillarie


Brian Poe Llamanzares for the Bench #LETSUNITE campaign

Marianna Vargas for the Bench #LETSUNITE campaign

Simon Tantoco for Bench #LETSUNITE campaign