@nancy_blanco_ and I | #makeup by yours truly #hair by @reyarciaga

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Nancy is the sister of my good friend Joshua. I was happy to have been chosen to do her makeup for her very special event.

She wanted her makeup simple and elegant. I couldn’t agree more.

@nancy_blanco_ and I | #makeup by yours truly and #hair by @reyarciaga |

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Nancy | #makeup by yours truly #hair by @reyarciaga |

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Her wedding was held at The Sofitel Philippine Plaza, and was accompanied by a very beautiful sunset.

#sunset. Best wishes Nancy and Jay.

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Here’s a photo taken during our trial makeup my boudoir months prior to her wedding:



Grendel Alvarado | Bride | I first met @grendelgreendoll backstage in 2007 when I did her makeup for the Fashion Watch Series at the Makati Shangri-La. She was fresh from winning #phippinesnexttopmodel and I was still starting out as a #makeupartist. I was part of a makeup team that did fashion. Whenever Grendel and I were working on the same fashion show, she always sat on my chair except when other senior makeup artist got to her first. Nevertheless, I will be forever grateful for the trust that she showed me despite the fact that I was relatively new and very unsure of my skills. Thank you for making me practice on your beautiful face! Now 8 years later, she's happily married to a wonderful guy and I am grateful that she asked me to do her #makeup for her ceremony in Bacolod. It was a full circle moment for me. | I wish you luck and I wish you love. I'll visit you in Kenya ha?! Amping! | makeup by: @tortorre | hair by: @reyarciaga |

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Thank you @tortorre and mama rey for glamming me up yesterday! #chillbride

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Sunday was my first bride… ever. She contacted me through a former colleague. During our trial, she showed me pegs. As she handed me a particular tear sheet I said, “I did that wedding editorial.” It was my first editorial for Metro Weddings.

She then burst in excitement, exclaiming how serendipitous that moment was. She settled down and I felt her relax. I then did my job. It’s quite unfortunate that I only have these photos. The rest disappeared with a hard drive that crashed. Nevertheless,  it’s a memory cherished forever.

By the window


With flowers


Husband and wife


Behind the scenes


Makeup by Tor Torre




Blenda and I first met during the start of my career. I was assisting Patrick Rosas for the Fashion Watch Quartet Series held at the Shangri – La Makati circa 2008. Blenda is a model. She was one of those who frequently sat on my chair.

Years later, a chance meeting with McC (now her husband) at Singapore’s Changi International Airport brought Blenda and I back together. It was a privilege to be part of a very special day. Thank You for having me Blends!

A moment


All smiles


By the dress


Getting ready


Behind the scenes


Blenda with Mom and Dad


At the altar


Husband and Wife


Makeup by: Tor Torre

Hair by: Noel Jimenez