Back Stage at Michael Cinco for Philippine Fashion Week 2009

Giselle Paqueo and Michelle Quinto

I was assisting for Eric Maningat that year (2009) for Philippine Fashion Week. It was my first year to experience Philippine Fashion Week, and it was filled with adrenaline.

One of the shows that Eric handled was for Michael Cinco.

It was amazing.

I would usually stand behind the wall of the main entrance to the runway. There, I could retouch the models just before they stepped unto the runway. Just before show time, I remembered seeing every single model in the line up dressed in clothes that were exquisitely crafted. I will never forget that.

Eric told us that the look of the models would sport smokey eyes while leaving the brows as it is, lashes and pale lips. We were also advised to use foundation that was shade or two darker than their skin tone to avoid washing out their features. A hint of bronzer was also used to warm up their skin tone.

I have worked with Giselle and Michelle numerous times and I always appreciate it when they sit on my chair. I believe Giselle just finished her stint at The Ford Supermodel of the World contest, where she was a semi finalist and Michelle was juggling modeling and her pre-med studies.



Backstage at Mike Dela Rosa for Fashion Watch Quartet (May 2008)


I took this photo of Ria Bolivar while my colleage, Noel Jimenez, was doing her hair.

The look came with very thin yet strong brunette eyebrows and red lipstick.

I loved how Ria owned her red lips. It’s always refreshing for me when a woman feels empowered after I have applied their makeup.


Backstage at Cary Santiago for Fashion Watch Quartet (March 2008)



I was amazed by this Cary Santiago creation and I was amazed by Justine Gabionza who wore it. I am a beauty pageant junkie and I was star struck working with Miss Tourisim Queen Intenational 2006.

When I saw Justine in this dress, I was baffled on how Cary Santiago constructed this dress. I examined it. I dunno where the dress begins and where it ends. Amazing structural support.

The makeup look was all about the smoky eye with golden highlights all the way to the brows and pale lips.

I love you Justine!

Justine working the runway in a Cary Santiago Creation

Backstage at Lulu Tan-gan for Fashion Watch Quartet (August 2008)

Jessica and Krystal

The girls for the Fashion Watch Quartet : Lulu Tan-gan show have just been dressed and were lining up at the ball room where we were stationed when I took this photo of Jessica and Krystal.

The main focal point of the makeup for this show was the glossed out “Barbie” pink lipstick which complemented the knitwear of Lulu’s design.

Jessica and Krystal were some of the models who frequently sat on my chair throughout the Fashion Watch Series and I appreciate them for that. Jessica and Krystal for me are both beautiful in their own way and I enjoyed working with them.

I was still an apprentice makeup artist at this time and working on two women with very different features at this stage of my career has been a very enriching experience.

A Day of Firsts : Inno Sotto and Bea Valdez (October 2007)

Jade walking down the runway during rehearsals for Inno Sotto’s Alhambra Collection.

When I joined the Patrick Rosas Artistic Team, the first fashion show I worked on was for Inno Sotto’s Alhambra collection on the 29th of October 2007.

I was a nervous wreck the entire day of the show for it is not often that one gets to work for a world class designer. To this day, I thank the heavens for that opportunity.

Seen in this photo is of the model Jade Dy walking down the runway during rehearsals. She was the very first model I ever made up.

It’s only fitting that I begin this section of my site with the very first fashion show I worked on and the very first model I worked with.