Backstage at OJ Hofer for Fashion Watch Quartet (May 2008)


This photo of Jeane was taken when she was on file backstage for the collection of OJ Hofer for Fashion Watch Quartet.

This was in May 2008, summer season in the Philippines. The makeup look was very complementary to the colorful hues of OJ’s designs and reflective of the season. I was amazed by the shoes of this collection, they were made out of wood. The heels were carved! Unfortunately I lost a lot of photos during this time of my career because my laptop crashed.


I used a shade darker of foundation on Jeane. This made the color of the clothes “pop”. Her warmer skin tone also made her eye makeup more prominent. A bronze color was applied all over her lids. I blended it up and outward. Some gold highlights were added to her brow bone for some added drama. Black cake eyeliner was used to rim her top and bottom lash line. This was blended really well so that it did not appear too black. Lots of mascara completed her eye makeup look.

The eyebrows were left as is.

Oh her cheeks, I first applied a delicate pink blush. I gradually applied the color to make her skin looked “flushed”. I then blended a  golden toned bronzer to make her look sun kissed.

Pink gloss was used on her lips.


Jeane was one of the girls who used to frequent my chair during shows. She’s very cute and funny. She really giggles when dirty jokes are thrown around the makeup room.


I haven’t seen her in person for some years now but in her posts, when she’s not in her bikini, she travels the world as a Cabin Crew for Philippine Airlines.


Here’s a throwback photo of us back stage. I was rocking a really good tan before I met some sunscreen. I can’t believe how young we were Jeane! Our cheeks were still round and I still had hair! *laughs*.

How time flies.



Backstage at Robin Tomas For Philippine Fashion Week (May) 2009

Early in my career, I honed my skills by doing makeup for fashion shows. I am seen here applying some lipgloss on model Girlie Benitez during the final line up for Robin Tomas‘ Philippine Fashion Week debut .

Based on the watermark, this photo is owned by photographer Daniel Tan (click on his name to be brought to his website). I do remember finding this photo when I goggled Robin‘s show years ago. I deemed this memory lost, when Multiply ceased to exist.


I was curiously going through my files last night and I was surprised to find this photograph of Girlie taken moments before Robin‘s show was going to start. It must have managed to survive when I did an auto save of all my Multiply files.

I was assisting under Eric Maningat at this time.

I took the liberty of using a lighter shade of foundation on Girlie so that eye makeup look will “pop out”. Unfortunately there was so much flash back in the photo, making her foundation appear too light. For comparison check out the photo below.

we were instructed to create a look that involved an orangey-pink eye shadow treatment that went out all the way to the temples and blended into the cheeks. Bronzer was lightly applied to warm up the cheeks.

Jasmine Maierhoref (Makeup by Ricky Dalu), I forgot her name, Girlie Benitez

I used Laura Mercier’s brow pencil in Blonde on Girlie. Using a brunette brow pencil would be too stark a contrast with the eyeshadow treatment.

There was no eyeliner, but we used spiky lashes to bring drama to the eyes. I filled Girlie’s lips using a neutral pink lip pencil and added an orangey-pink gloss to tie in the look.

I learned the art of doing brows while working with Girlie. She’s very particular with her brow game and I will be forever grateful that she allowed me to learn and play with her.

To know more about Robin Tomas, his designs and where to buy his clothes, click on his name to be brought to his webpage.

Robin has managed to save some footage from his show and it’s on his YouTube Chanel. Here are all four parts of his Philippine Fashion Week Debut.


Backstage at Cesar Gaupo for Fashion Watch Quartet (2008)

This is a photo taken of model Adie Adelantar Lee a few minutes before the start of the runway show of Cesar Gaupo. Adie frequents my chair a lot of times when we end up working for the same show.

The makeup look for this show was very minimal to contrast the very colorful and fully embroidered designs of Cesar.

I kept Adie’s skin radiant and fresh by using a foundation that matched her skin tone. I used a peach blush to add color to her cheeks. There was no contouring needed, but I did add a hint of bronzer to warm her skin.

The makeup team was instructed by Patrick Rosas, chief makeup artist, to use one wash for violet eyeshadow with silver pearl, to nicely groom the  brows with out over filling, to use a hint of eyeliner and to finish off the look with some winged out lashes.

The highlight on Adie’s brows catches the light and draws you to her eyes.

I took the liberty of adding some dark purple eyeshadow to the outer corner of Adie’s lower lash line to “open” her eyes.   I also added a bit of highlight on her brow bone for drama when she’ll be photographed; as evidently captured in this photo.

I can’t remember the products I used on Adie but I remember the lipstick I used on her, it was an Armani #7.


In 2009, Adie placed as Miss Philippines Eco Tourism at the Miss Philippines Earth Pageant, a runner up to Miss Philippines Earth 2009 Sandra Seifert.

I have lost touch with Adie years after I quit Patrick’s team to forge my own path. Funny enough, a year or two back, I bumped into her in a 711 along Legaspi Street in Makati and shared one big hug.

She’s now married and was a Sun Life Advisor. Based on her Facebook posts, I reckon she’s now an In-Flight Crew for Saudia Airlines. What a way to travel the world.


Bench The Showroom Spring Summer 2016

Unfortunately I didn’t have time to take photos during the show, but here are some pictures I have managed to collect from Instagram with the #theshowroom2016.

Hair and Makeup by Team Tor Torre.

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Bench The Showroom Holiday 2015

Team Tor Torre was tapped to do the hair and makeup for Bench. The Showroom2015 showcased looks from the different Bench brands namely: Bench, Her Bench, Human, Kashieca and Bench Body.

Here are some photos taken from Instagram with #theshowroom2015.

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Chad White

Team Tor Torre had the opportunity to do the grooming of model Chad White for Bench Body. Photo was taken of him when he hit the runway for Bench Showroom S2016.

Chad White is seen here beside Ben Chan and the rest of the models for the show.

Ariella Arida

I was fortunate enough to work with this wonderful beauty queen after so long! I first did Ara’s makeup when Aces and Queens got me to do makeup for the 2013 screening of Binibining Pilipinas back.

I was told last minute that Ara was going to be part of the Bench Showroom S2016 show and that she was to walk for Kashieca. This got me pretty excited because we could finally get to reconnect 3 years after we initially met.

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Backstage at Avel Bacudio for Fashion Watch Quartet (2008)


I took this photo of Krystal Espiritu after she got dressed. The make-up look was created to contrast the main color palette of Avel Bacudio‘s show; which was mostly done in white.

This show was done circa June 2008, and I was yet still learning how to be confident with my skills. I was grateful for this show because it enabled me to play with a very somber color palette. The over all color tone of this look was purple.

1930395_19525676660_8692_nAn over all eye shadow of dull purple was applied on Krystal’s eyes. I made sure to create a “crease” on her eyes to make it appear “deep set”. A dull yellow-green eyeshadow was the applied on the inner corner of her eyes.This was dome to make them appear wider and to enhance the “crease” I created prior. I then used a dull violet/wine colored eyeshadow to blend the dull purple eyeshadow I used prior.

Cream gold eyeshadow was applied to her brow bone as a highlight.

Krystal’s real brows were drawn using a light brown eyebrow pencil.

Her inner lips were then colored with purple lipstick and I outlined her entire lip with a violet colored lip pencil to reflect the treatment I did on her eyes earlier.

I added bronzer all over her face to warm up her complexion and I applied a dull violet shade of blush on the apples of her cheeks.

She then hit the runway not soon after.

I miss fashion and I miss you too Krystal!

Backstage with Isabel Roces

Isabel Roces

To my embarrassment, I simply forgot what show this look was created for. Philippine Fashion Week 2009 was a very hectic week. It was the hardest week I have ever worked for in my life! I did four shows in a day. It was my adrenaline that kept my back from going out.

I used to have a complete back up on the shows I worked on during the time I was an assistant make-up artist but alas, my old MAC G4 died and went to techno heaven with all my files.

After having a conversation in my head, I decided it would be such a waste not to post this photo of Isabel Roces despite the lack of information regarding the show.

I loved how the gunmetal smoky eye look together with dramatic lashes emphasized Isabel’s beautiful eyes. The soft pastel pink glossy lips was a nice contrast as well.

This was one of my lucky days. It’s very rare during those days for top models to sit on an assistant’s chair. Isabel has just finished walking for another show when I saw her rush through the make-up room. Eric Maningat, the lead makeup artist pointed her to me for my chair was the only one left vacant.

We had 20 minutes before the start of the show.


Backstage at Alex Bitong for Fashion Watch Quartet (October 2008)


This photo was taken during the first show for the fourth Series of Fashion Watch Quartet. Fashion Watch Quartet was a series of Fashion shows held at the Shangri-La Makati that lasted for a year (2008).

This was the Show of Alex Bitong held on October 2008.

My knowledge about fashion and the people involved with fashion, at that time, was very limited.

I first met Jo Ann Bitagcol, prior to the start of the Fashion Watch Series. She was quite an authoritative figure. Being a model of more profound experience, she trained some of the younger models. Imparting knowledge on how to be an effective model.

I was scared of her, mainly because I didn’t know her. She’d pass by the work  stations of the apprentices and sit on the chair of a much more senior makeup artist. From a distance, I always made sure to observe the makeup process and the way they interacted. She’s much more relaxed and animated when she’s comfortable.

I finally had the courage to ask Jo Ann to do her makeup for one of the shows 6 months later. She afforded me the privilege. That’s when I got to know her. That’s was the time I knew how she wanted her eyebrows to be done. *laughs*

Jo Ann is a very sweet woman, loved by everyone around her.

She is now a fashion photographer.


For this look, a jewel toned magenta eyeshadow was used as a base. I used a combination of cake liner and black eyeshadow to smoke it out, creating depth. Silver creme highlighter on the brow bone to create dimension.

Lashes, of course, to open up the eye.

Blush was very minimal, so as not to take away the emphasis from the eyes.

For the lips, I used Nars Matte Lip Velvet in Sex Machine and added some gloss.