Pure Skin by Vitoria Tsai (Not A Book Review)

I bought this book on a whim. I was browsing through the beauty section of the book store when I got attracted to the colour of the book. It was when I read the line "Discover The Japanese Ritual Of Glowing"  below the book title that sent me straight to the counter. Before I started … Continue reading Pure Skin by Vitoria Tsai (Not A Book Review)


Cherie Gil : StarStruck (Week Four)

Week Four for us was more relaxed. The mood was light and I decided that some disco music would be apt for a photo collage. This was also the day I first used a dark shade of lipstick on Miss Cherie. The name of the lipstick is "Berry Bossy". We all laughed when I told … Continue reading Cherie Gil : StarStruck (Week Four)