Red Carpet Inspired Glam Makeup Look

I created this look for our MARS Christmas Party. It was entitled "Mars Magic Ball", a pun on the yearly party of Star Magic Ball, thus the "Red Carpet" theme for the party. I almost didn't attend the party at the last-minute. Due to miscommunication errors and the stress of the Christmas 2016 season, the … Continue reading Red Carpet Inspired Glam Makeup Look

Project Achieve

Shot this Television Commercial for Jeregens with the beautiful Hillarie Parungao. So glad we've managed to shoot this successfully despite having breaks between takes because of threats of thunder and rain. Click here to see some behind the scenes photos and videos I took of Hillarie, Janet and I during the shoot day. ~ Makeup … Continue reading Project Achieve

Vintage 1940s Makeup Tutorial Film from

I was not intending on searching Youtube for such kind of a film, I stumbled upon this makeup tutorial serendipitously. I was looking at a different video, one of Elizabeth Taylor applying her eye makeup when I saw the title of this video from the periphery of my eyes. After watching this film, I became curious … Continue reading Vintage 1940s Makeup Tutorial Film from